One Convergence - Composabele Fabrics, Smart NICs, GPUs

Composable Fabrics, Smart NICs & GPUs

Powerful hardware platforms are only as good as the software that runs on them

One Convergence can integrate new hardware into your platform and optimize the performance of the system
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One Convergence can provide a high bandwidth, low latency composable software infrastructure for your plarform. This includes:

  • Software support for a PCI fabric that provides dynamic, on-demand allocation of distributed, pooled resources such as CPUs, storage, NICs & GPUs
  • Platform management software to view and control your fabric
  • Device drivers that get the best performance from your system
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GPUs provide the required acceleration for your applications, but software can become a bottleneck if not properly designed and implemented. We can provide:

  • High performance drivers
  • Management applications to tune GPU use
  • Compiler integration and optimization for frameworks such as TVM & Glow

Smart NICs offer features and performance by putting the intelligence into the hardware, but they must be enabled to provide their benefits. We provide:

  • Host software & driver development for operating systems such as Linux and FreeBSD
  • Hypervisors such as VMWare & KVM
  • NIC offload support for key solutions such as OVS & cryptography